A bit of my story and how Ornatha was born.


Ornatha were born twice, or born and moved.

It was 2003, I had just moved to Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and I was decided to change my professional life. From Professor of Finance to a tourism entrepreneur.

My name is Alice and I am the Ornatha’s owner. I’m going to tell you a bit, and important part, of my life. 

My sister, her husband and I, had decided to open a company and explore the nature in Rio. I believe you have already heard about Brazil, the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro and Brazilian nature. So, we decided to move our professional skills toward a different professional field. We decided to guide tourists to appreciate the nature in Rio, targeting at the same time to teach people about how to keep and protect the nature. 

To own a tourism company in Brazil, one of the company’s partners must have a tourism credential issued by the government. And, to have that credential, one of us had to attend a specific course about tourism, which now I don’t remember the name. 

So, I started the course in March of 2003. I loved the course, it was extremely interesting to learn things about Rio, that I had never heard about before. I am always excited in talking about this part of my life, because my love for the nature, mainly animals, has been impacting my business and my jewelry collections as well. 

Then, I was in my second week of the course. And I realized that the number of women attending the course was bigger than the number of the men attending the course.

I thought it could be an opportunity to make some money if I made some jewelries and offer them to my classmates’ ladies to purchase.


In the same day, after the class, while I was going home (my sister’s house), I stopped by a jewelry beads and finding store and I bought some beads and findings to make some jewelry and then I would try to sell to my classmates. 

Getting home, I took a thick table cloth used to put on the dinner table when we played cards, took one tool from my brother in law’s tools’ box. I set up my “production spot” on the half of a dinner table and started to make some necklaces. 

Some hours later my brother in law got home and asked me what I was doing. I explained my objective in doing jewelries. And, we have the following conversation: 

Miro (brother in law): ….. so, you are making jewelries to sell to your classmates to make some money.

Alice (me): yes

Miro: how much does it cost to make one piece?

Alice: “X” (I don’t remember exactly the amount now, but let’s say 10.00)

Miro: and, how much are you going to sell it for?

Alice: “Y” (again, I don’t remember the number now, but let’s say 30.00)

Miro: this is a good business.

From that conversation on, Miro, my sister (his wife) and I decided to open, not a tourism company anymore, but a jewelry company.

The name Ornatha was given by my mom. We wanted an Italian name because my sister and I came from an Italian family. So, my mom came up with Ornatha, which came from ornament. It means a well dressed (clothes, jewelry, shoes, etc. woman). 

It was that way that Ornatha was born, in Rio/Brazil, 17 years ago. 

Please, see our posts in our blog to know how the company came to Canada. It’s a beautiful story of determination, hard work and success. 

I believe you are going to like it. 


Alice Maria Frittoli